Converting the Non-Believer

Romance novel lovers love romance novels. We don’t need to convince them of why or how because they already understand the progressive, important and joyful experience that is the genre. The non-believer, however, is a different case.

Interview With Nancy Fraser

Today I sat down with Nancy Fraser to learn all about her new book, Paging Dr. Cupid!   Where did your inspiration for the book come from? Paging Dr. Cupid is a Valentine’s Day-themed novella and a sequel to my 2016 novella, Only Yours. The inspiration came from the fact that one of my supporting … Continue reading Interview With Nancy Fraser

So You Want to Do NaNo?

First of all, congrats! Your interest in doing National Novel Writing Month, and your efforts so far, show an excitement for writing and storytelling and a willingness to rise to the challenge of writing a whole book in a month! I’m currently working on two manuscripts, and decided not to take on the challenge this year, but I want to share some of my tips I learned the hard way!