Step One: Remove Transmission

Now, of course, removing a transmission is a wildly complicated and difficult process, a little like saying Step One: Animate the monster or Step One: Walk on the moon. In my family, the term has become synonymous with comically difficult tasks– such as writing a book.

CAR-acter Development

As a fiction writer, working to develop fully rounded characters with quirks and personality traits that may never actually make it to the page, I find the question of what their favorite car might be, just as important as their favorite movie, book or sport. Perhaps more.

The Write Light

My bedroom is my office. Sometimes, we fold up the futon bed and the room feels a little more like a professional study. But most days, my clothes are spilling out of open drawers, a pile of sweaters sits atop my dresser, and I fantasize about one day having a workplace to call all my … Continue reading The Write Light