I sat down with Candace Robinson to talk writing, passion, and her new book, The Bride of Glass! 

Author Interview

When did you realize or decide you wanted to be a writer?

image1Senior year in high school, I found out that I liked to write. I mainly wrote poetry and didn’t actually write anything, until my first book, Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault. The problem was finding time. First, a job got in the way, then having a family takes up time, and then I also have bad migraines. Finally, everything came together!

What has been your best experience as an author so far?

Just having my book out in the world!

What sort of challenges have you faced as a writer? How did you overcome them?

Marketing! I still have no idea what I’m doing!

How do you research and plan your books? Do you find outlining helps or hinders your process?

I haven’t had to do a lot of research yet, but when I do I use Google! Outlining is a no go for me because it makes me feel confined. I usually write out my main scenes and then divide them up into chapters and work from there!

Have you learned anything really cool or interesting while researching your books? What’s been the weirdest research you’ve ever had to do?

I have not! I try to avoid even reading reviews!

What advice would you give to new writers in the field?

If you love it, then do it! If you want to traditional publish, then keep trying to find that agent, and if you want to self-publish, then do it!

Tell us a little about your writing nook! Favorite tea/coffee/writing snack?

I have a small office inside my bedroom, and I have to be in silence. So, I mainly work when my husband is at work, and my daughter is at school. That means no writing during summertime! I do love warm tea as well, especially peppermint!

Of all of your own characters, who would you most want to date?

Lol, Nico from Hearts Are Like Balloons! He is sarcastic yet sweet, and plus he plays instruments! 


 What project are you currently working on?

I’m about to start working on a New Adult dark retelling with romance.

 What’s next for you?

Hopefully, something good!

About Candace

Her name is Candace Robinson, obviously. She’s just your average hemiplegic migraine sufferer. Her days are spent writing, book reviewing and traveling through books. She lives just outside of Houston, Texas with her husband and daughter, where it feels like the hottest place on Earth with the crazy weather. No, seriously, one day it’s 30 degrees and the next it’s 70 degrees!

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Or at  https://authorcandacerobinson.wordpress.com/ 

Book Interview

Tell us a little about your new release: The Bride of Glass – It’s the sequel to Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault  


Where did your inspiration for the book come from?

Fairy tales and horror movies mixed with romance.

Did you outline the story, or dive right in?

I dove write in! I pretty much just had a chapter outline.

How did your characters come to life?

I pretended I was in each and every one of their little heads!

GlassVault_FC2_BN (1)What was your favorite part of working on this story? What was the most challenging?

Being in Maisie’s head. She has an eye patch, and you will have to read the books to learn more about it! The hardest part was just connecting everything to the first book!

What’s next for this story – is it part of a series? When does it come out?

This is the end to the duology! 

Read the Books!

Bride of Glass // Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault // Hearts Are Like Balloons