I realized some time ago that I don’t have a type. Sometimes, I think I do – a sexy Italian man with long hair and seductive, dark eyes or a sinewy, brilliant professor, who keeps me late after class to discuss Aristotle and the role of intersectional feminism in global economics. Every once in awhile, I’ll think I’ve finally learned my type, only to be caught off-guard by a Viking, a military man, a pirate or an inventor in the latest book I grabbed from the library.

So what’s my ideal romance hero, well it’s not so much about the packaging as what’s really inside.

The person within – a truly trite idea, if you have any experience with romantic books, film or music, but true nonetheless. There are certain elements that my romantic hero must have, despite their time period, environment and penis size, (did I make you spit out your coffee? That’s what I was going for.) Here are some of the parts and pieces for my ideal romance hero.


Feminist Ideology:

While giving an 18th-century lord feminist ideals is challenging, it’s far from impossible. I love stories about heroes that start out with preconceived notions of how women should behave, only to realize the error of their ways, as they fall in love with a woman who dgaf about your archaic, sexist values.


Communication Skills:

Okay, much of romance exists because of a lack of communication, but for real life communication is key. If we have an issue, it’s not going to be solved by my Ideal Romance Hero flexing his pecs. He has to be willing to hash it out.


And the ability to Compromise:

I’m getting over the macho macho of romance heroes. Relationships work because of give and take. If my hero is set in his ways, I’m going to get really tired of that real quick. Couples compromise and evolve, it’s how we survive.


A sense of humor:

Because the truth is, I’m super weird. I laugh at inappropriate things and I speak in funny voices and I give totally bizarre nicknames to the people in my life. If you can’t roll with that, it’s just not going to work.


Supportive and Encouraging:

I’m planning to follow my dreams whether or not Dude Man Hottie is by my side. If he wants to take this rollercoaster ride, he better be there when the going gets tough, not just when the acceptance letters pour in.


Curious and Interested:

I love travel and adventure and new experiences. Whether it’s the art museum or the antique car show, I’d like my hero to be willing to try everything at least once.


Sexy Hot Bod:

What, it’s still a fantasy, right?