I can’t believe that we’re already at the end of the year! 2017 has been pretty tough for me personally and professionally, and I’ve leaned a lot on the stories I love to get me through the challenging times. 


As of writing this, I’m three books away from my 100 book challenge for the year, but currently reading two, so I have no doubt I’ll reach that finish line! It’s fun to look back and see what I’ve enjoyed – and not enjoyed – over the year! I’d love for you to take a look and share your favorite and least favorite reads of the year! Thanks so much for joining me on this fun journey!


Romance novels are italicized.


  1. Hard As You Can, Laura Kaye (Hard Ink Series)
  2. Earth: The Sequel: The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming, Fred Krupp
  3. All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue, Sophie Jordan (The Debutante Files)
  4. The Heir, Kiera Cass (The Selection Series)
  5. Tempting the Sinner, Kate Pearce (The Sinners Club)
  6. Because of Miss Bridgerton, Julia Quinn (Rokesbys Series)
  7. Hard to Hold Onto, Laura Kaye (Hard Ink Series)
  8. Into Great Silence: A Memoir of Discovery and Loss among Vanishing Orcas, Eva Saulitis
  9. The Crown, Kiera Cass (The Selection Series)
  10. Hard to Come By, Laura Kaye (Hard Ink Series)
  11. Hard to Be Good, Laura Kaye (Hard Ink Series)
  12. This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, Naomi Klein
  13. Wrong For Me, Jackie Ashenden (Motor City Royals)
  14. Paradise Beneath Her Feet: How Women are Transforming the Middle East, Isobel Coleman
  15. Happily Ever After, Kiera Cass (The Selection Series)
  16. Hard to Let Go, Laura Kaye (Hard Ink Series)
  17. Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water, Maude Barlow
  18. Seven Minutes in Heaven, Eloisa James (Desperate Duchess Series)
  19. The Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace, Lynn Povich
  20. Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell
  21. Hard as Steel, Laura Kaye (Hard Ink Series)books-2596809_1920
  22. Ride Hard, Laura Kaye (Raven Riders Series)
  23. Hard Ever After, Laura Kaye (Hard Ink Series)
  24. Hard to Serve, Laura Kaye (Hard Ink Series)
  25. My Beautiful Enemy, Sherry Thomas, (The Heart of the Blade Duology)
  26. The Darkest Hour, Maya Banks (KGI Series)
  27. Status Update, Annabeth Albert (Gaymers Series)
  28. No Place to Run, Maya Banks (KGI Series)
  29. Hidden Away, Maya Banks (KGI Series)
  30. Beta Test, Annabeth Albert (Gaymers Series)
  31. Whispers in the Dark, Maya Banks (KGI Series)
  32. Connection Error, Annabeth Albert (Gaymers Series)
  33. The Unsung Hero, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  34. Ride Rough, Laura Kaye (Raven Riders Series)
  35. Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard (Red Queen Series)
  36. The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change, Al Gore
  37. Echoes at Dawn, Maya Banks (KGI Series)
  38. Shades of Gray, Maya Banks (KGI Series)
  39. Animal Magnetism, Jill Shalvis (Animal Magnetism Series)
  40. Softly At Sunrise, Maya Banks (KGI Series)
  41. Forged in Steele, Maya Banks (KGI Series)
  42. The Defiant Hero, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  43. Over the Edge, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  44. Bound to Submit, Laura Kaye (Blasphemy Series)
  45. After the Storm, Maya Banks (KGI Series)
  46. Mastering Her Senses, Laura Kaye (Blasphemy Series)
  47. Animal Attraction, Jill Shalvis (Animal Magnetism Series)
  48. Eyes on You, Laura Kaye (Blasphemy Series)
  49. Out of Control, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  50. When Day Breaks, Maya Banks (KGI Series)
  51. Into the Night, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  52. Rescue My Heart, Jill Shalvis (Animal Magnetism Series)
  53. Darkest Before the Dawn, Maya Banks (KGI Series)
  54. Glass Sword, Victoria Aveyard (Red Queen Series)
  55. Hidden Figures, Margot Lee Shetterly
  56. Gone Too Far, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  57. An Extraordinary Union, Alyssa Cole (Loyal League Series)
  58. Hearts in Darkness, Laura Kaye (Hearts in Darkness Series)
  59. Rumor Has It, Jill Shalvis (Animal Magnetism Series)
  60. While the Duke Was Sleeping, Sophie Jordan (The Rogue Files)
  61. The Scandal of It All, Sophie Jordan (The Rogue Files)
  62. How to Lose a Bride in One Night, Sophie Jordan (The Forgotten Princesses Series)
  63. A Shot at Love, Peggy Jaeger (Will Cook For Love Series)
  64. Be With Me, Maya Banks
  65. Brighter Than the Sun, Maya Banks (KGI Series)
  66. Theirs to Take, Laura Kaye (Blasphemy Series)
  67. Cooking With Kandy, Peggy Jaeger (Will Cook for Love Series)
  68. The Siren, Kiera Cass
  69. Flashpoint, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  70. Then Came You, Jill Shalvis (Animal Magnetism Series)
  71. Still the One, Jill Shalvis (Animal Magnetism Series)
  72. Cruel Crown, Victoria Aveyard (Red Queen Series)
  73. Risking it All, Christi Barth (Naked Men Series)
  74. All I Want, Jill Shalvis (Animal Magnetism Series)
  75. Hot Target, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  76. Destiny’s Embrace, Beverly Jenkins (Destiny Series)
  77. Catch Me, Jennifer Probst (Steele Brothers Series)
  78. Play Me, Jennifer Probst (Steele Brothers Series)
  79. Dare Me, Jennifer Probst (Steele Brothers Series)
  80. Beg Me, Jennifer Probst (Steele Brothers Series)
  81. Reveal Me, Jennifer Probst (Steele Brothers Series)
  82. Ride Wild, Laura Kaye (Raven Riders Series)
  83. Lick, Kylie Scott (Stage Dive Series)  
  84. Breaking Point, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  85. Into the Storm, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  86. Force of Nature, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  87. Say My Name, J. Kenner (Stark International Trilogy)
  88. All Through the Night, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  89. When Tony Met Adam, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  90. Destiny’s Surrender, Beverly Jenkins (Destiny Series)
  91. Into the Fire, Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters Series)
  92. Destiny’s Captive, Beverly Jenkins (Destiny Series)
  93. A Hope Divided, Alyssa Cole (Loyal League Series)
  94. A Kiss Under the Christmas Lights, Peggy Jaeger
  95. Play, Kylie Scott (Stage Dive Series)
  96. The Last Chance Christmas Ball, Mary Jo Putney (and others)
  97. Wish List, Sylvia Day


I think it’s important to look over our books for the previous year. I can see at a glance that I need to work much harder to diversify my reading list in the future. Obviously, I love series, and I tend to get a little bogged down in them, but it’s important to branch out and support authors with different backgrounds and perspectives. Moving forward in 2018, that’s something I definitely plan to do. 


I can also see when things started getting a little rough for me. We lost my grandfather back in September and I definitely didn’t need any more reality, hence the drop off of nonfiction books. I do plan to read many more genres and more nonfiction this upcoming year, but I can also learn a lot about who I was and how that changed over the year.

For me, the Goodreads challenge was important because it helped me prioritize reading and feel like I was working toward something. It’s not always easy to sit down and read, and knowing I had a goal helped me to do it more often. I understand that doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s certainly worth trying!

At the moment, I’m finishing up a Debbie Macomber holiday novella and Lead, the third book in the Stage Dive Series. I haven’t figured out what book I want to finish 2017 in, but I look forward to crossing that finish line and starting anew soon. I think I might just set my book challenge to 150 in 2018.

What about you? Have you read any of the books above? Do books challenges work for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! ♥