Seeing as I write romance novels, every day is a celebration of love and finding your person amidst the chaos of life–which is part of the reason I so enjoy what I do! Valentine’s Day is also my dad’s birthday, so my home has always been filled with joy and love of all kinds!

And I thought we’d do a little bit of celebrating here too! I have some fun giveaway and new books for you guys to check out from this wonderful Holiday Hop! And keep scrolling for downloadable holiday games and graphics!

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Wine and fireplace sceneAnd if you click on that link above, you’ll find seven soul-mate stories–including mine!–about couples that find a way, no matter the distance and the challenges they face. There are also some really fun giveaways at the bottom of the link, so click through and maybe you can win fun prizes!

You’ll also want to start planning out the prizes you’ll share with your friends when you host a Valentine’s Day themed party this year! I had several friends over this past weekend for Galentine’s Day, and we played Hallmark Bingo! (Also works as a drinking game…)

Here’s the downloadable file–it includes 12 unique boards and hopefully very few mistakes.

Hallmark Bingo File

If you’re on the search for great romance novels to read this Valentine’s Day, I have plenty of suggestions for you, like Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink series, and some of my favorite series. Also, if you’re looking for all the best the industry has to offer, head on over to my Facebook page or Twitter feed, where I share up to date lists and recommendations from readers, writers and my own lists!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration filled with love and great stories! Happy reading and chocolate eating!