Do you believe in the legend of True Springs?

It was supposed to be a summer road trip in an RV with old friends. She never expected the adventure to be love.

Rhiannon Havener is in desperate need of a break. If she doesn’t straighten out her hot mess of a work life, she’ll implode. When her twin sister and best friends suggest a road trip, she knows she needs to be on board. But finding out who she is when she’s not at full speed turns out to be terrifying. 

Nick Greenly isn’t running away from anything, despite what his family thinks. For him, life is about taking every opportunity that comes his way—on his own terms. But all that changes when his peaceful motorcycle trip is interrupted by a lost puppy that needs him…and the woman who might just be the one he needs.

Big skies may call to both of them, but work is waiting for Rhiannon and Nick has never claimed one place as home. They only have a few days to decide what’s worth risking and what they’re willing to live without…or they might just find that what matters most is already gone.

Ticket to True Love is a steamy contemporary romance series about new beginnings, second chances, and finding true love in unexpected places. Fall in love all over the world with bestselling and award winning authors JB Schroeder, Savannah Kade, Moni Boyce, Shirley Hailstock, Holland Rae, Julie Strauss & Jennifer Wilck. Start your next romance with Yearning in Yellowstone now!

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