God Bless Sam Starrett

Troubleshooters is an example of prime, important, top-shelf romance. It is progressive and lasting and does not shy away from difficult social or political topics. One of those topics being Sam Starrett.

I Hate You, I Want You, I Love You

What draws us time and again to this trope? Hate-to-love is surprisingly tricky to write, and you have to be carefully toeing the line, but we keep coming back? Why? The tension. Ooh baby, we love that tension. 

Pagers, Antennas and Phone Jacks, Oh My!

Brockmann is an expert storyteller with remarkable skill at weaving several seemingly-incongruous narratives into a single story arc, and she creates unique and deeply human characters that it is a true pleasure to read about. I have only one problem with these books and it’s not Brockmann’s fault. They’re dated.