Novel Concepts

The themes and lessons so to speak, that show up in my books are more a reflection of my own deep and fundamental values, things that I feel are important, beliefs that I have that I need my characters to share.

The Perfect Male Body Issue

Romance has a problem with men. Make no mistake, this is a feminist issue and, like questions of diversity in age, race and sexual orientation, it needs to be addressed before romance can fully move forward as the progressive, open-minded genre it is.

On the Shelf at 24

There are a great many forgivable elements that show themselves time and again in the romance novel genre. For instance, based on our knowledge of history‚Äôs healthcare and abundant inbreeding, we know for certain that every duke, earl, marquis and prince was not, as our favorite novels lead us to believe, a hottie with a … Continue reading On the Shelf at 24