Heart and Dagger 

The Ships in the Night Series 

Book One


HeartandDagger_w11663_750Lady Charlotte Talbot hasn’t seen Armand Rajaram de Bourbon, her oldest childhood friend and once betrothed, since his family returned to India when she was fifteen. Since then, she has left a groom at the altar, changed her name to Catalina Sol, opened a house for unwed mothers and orphans, and captained a ship, the Liberté, crewed by the best fighters in the Spanish Main. She’s no longer the lady he left behind, not that she’d admit to wishing he’d return.

When Armand’s brother is kidnapped, he breaks his rule of never engaging with pirates. But desperation drives him to the Liberté and a life he thought he’d left far behind. He’d do anything to save Henri, but Armand never expected to find Charlotte here, and now that’s he’s found her, he doesn’t have a clue what to do about it.

Together, they must face kidnapping, pirate captains, blackmail, and themselves. The Liberté may sail thousands of miles from the shores of England, but that might not be far enough to escape the past.

Wild Rose Press 

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The Adventurous Heart

The Royal Rakes Collection

Book Three


From Liquid Silver Publishing! 

When Andrea DuPonte Morgan left England at only sixteen years of age, he had no plan of ever returning. The legal son of a country lord and his clandestinely married African servant, Andrea could see no future for himself there. Twelve years later, he is a leading explorer in the American islands, ready to embark upon the greatest adventure of his life — the quest for the lost treasure of Francisco Coronado. But when he can no longer fund the trip, Andrea is faced with a choice: Does he forsake his explorer’s legacy, or does he return to the shores of England, where the late Lord Morgan has bequeathed him the entire estate, even if it requires coming face-to-face with everything he left behind? And if he does return, who will be waiting for him there?

Lady Georgina Wyndham would go to any measure to protect her young sister Iris, even if it requires sacrificing her own dowry so Iris never knows the extent of their father’s gambling and drinking debt. Any measure includes the reopening of her father’s defunct solicitor’s firm, a means of staving off their encroaching poverty. But as Georgina wrestles with her own disadvantages as a woman, she is soon forced to confront the disadvantages of another. In a moment of desperation, she accepts a job that could keep both Iris and her safe — if it doesn’t ruin her first. This case is by far the most difficult she has ever had to manage, but through its course, Georgina might just learn that there is more to her strange and worldly client than meets the eye, and that real treasure can be found in the most unlikely of places.

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To Marry a Captain

The Royal Rakes Collection

Book Two

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From Liquid Silver Publishing! 

Since the passing of her estranged husband, Lady Amalie Bronwyn has been living at the Dacre Estate, a place with a reputation as the most debauched house in all of England. Albeit reformed, since Lady Amalie’s cousin Mary became engaged to the estate’s notorious owner, Lord Arlington, Dacre is where she fits in perfectly. After all, her own reputation is a fair bit more colorful than most, boasting of public dalliances and seductions that have turned society on its head, and Lady Amalie likes that just fine. She prefers her independence and freedom to the strictures of marriage and domestic responsibility. But a single letter from her father and the life she has been enjoying crashes to an end–her fiancé is coming home.

After a routine navy training exercise turns into a bloody battle between soldiers and pirates, Captain Malcolm Temple-Blackwood, Lord of Huntley, is sent on a mandatory holiday to cool his heels in the throes of domestic bliss. He knows nothing about the woman his father arranged for him to wed, but his orders are clear–unless he can make a convincing performance of his matrimonial rapture, he’ll never step foot on a ship again. What he needs is a quiet, well-behaved, sweet wife, someone who will help him to regain his position in the navy. What he gets is something else entirely.


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A Duel of Hearts

The Royal Rakes Collection

Book One


From Liquid Silver Publishing! 

When Lady Mary Elizabeth Anne Paramour runs away from an unhappy engagement, her options are limited. Soon, she finds herself at the doorstep of a favored cousin’s temporary home, the estate of the most debauched lord known to the aristocracy, Nathaniel Arlington. The charming and handsome Lord Arlington’s perpetual house party is infamous across England, and fodder for instant disownment, if Mary’s prudish mother, Countess Helena, ever finds out where she is.

But Mary, with a rebellious streak of her own that led to a lifelong interest in fencing, comes to realize that maybe not everything is as it seems. Over late- night sword fighting and whiskey, she begins to develop an unlikely friendship with the lord, who might just have more behind the rakish façade than he lets most people believe. But just as Mary thinks their unusual friendship might turn to more, she finds herself facing the unexpected, something that might just ruin her chance at happiness forever.


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Protecting Your Sources


From Liquid Silver Publishing! 

For the past six years, Boston crime reporter Sarina Mason has shared an amiable, if somewhat flirtatious relationship with sexy-as-sin city detective, Kit Holden. But three months ago, after an attack on the precinct which involved Kit shielding her body with his own, Sarina knew that their professional working friendship was developing into something more, something dangerous for both of their hard- earned careers, so she turned tail, avoiding the precinct, and the handsome, distracting detective inside.

When a copycat serial killer hits the city sideways, however, Sarina knows she has to get the story, and with it, see Kit again. What starts as the news story of her career, soon becomes more personal as Sarina discovers an important clue, effectively making herself the killer’s next target. Kit has sworn he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe, but as she gets mixed up in history, danger, and her own wild emotions, Sarina knows that her relationship with Kit will be forever changed, if she gets out alive.


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